Monday, April 14, 2008

Miracles are not beyond our expectations...

We feel limited by even the very thoughts of receiving miracles, let alone actually performing them. Part of the reason is because we have always been told that it takes extreme conditioning of the mind, prefect obedience, and great faith to merely achieve even one of the smallest of these unexplainable feats. Well, I have some rather fascinating news: we do it everyday when we breathe. This problem with excepting miracles is, on the other hand, mostly due to the the ideas that were instilled into our minds that we were born imperfect. From the moment most of us were born, we were told that we were bad, or born in sin, or need to 'learn' to be good. This standard has form our lives into lives of inadequacy. This is not who we are! This is not who we are suppose to be right now! We are all born as perfect beings innocent of the worlds standards. We have to learn evil. It is something that is taught to us, and to our children. We are raised in the ideals that we need forgiveness just for 'being'. Where is the logic, or the holiness, in that? How are we ever supposed to achieve Christ-likeness if we are constantly told to consistently doubt ourselves?

So then, how are we to achieve 'miracles'? The answer is thus: 'miracles' do not exist, only the end result by which these 'miracles' are achieved. Nothing is 'miraculous' because everything is perfect. We do not need to bring ourselves to this 'miraculous' plain. We need to lower the worlds standards for these 'miracles' by realizing that we are not below this 'miraculous' plain, or the 'miracles' we try to achieve. They are not above our standards. We all hold the power to do anything! We have either just forgotten or simply choose not to believe that we that we hold this power in us. These achievement(miracles) are on every 'sinner' level. Even the most imperfect person can perform the Greatest achievement by believing in who they are, not what they can do. We are God! Believe it!


Shinade said...

Hi Tait,
Thank you ever so much for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment.

I look forward to getting to know you better. The discussions should be good.

This is an excellent post of which I agree with most. However, I must differ in the declared statement "That we are God." Rather, I believe God resides within ourselves with his spirit.

Yes, indeed I will try to visit as often as I can. I love anyone who makes me stop and think.


Robin said...

What a lovely post, Tait! (I'm glad I can leave a comment now)

I agree with you - and I do think that we are God. I remember someone in a workshop using the analogy that if God was a pie, we are like a piece of pie. We are not the whole pie, but we are still pie.

(my blog has a new name, BTW)

Cheers - Robin

Patricia said...

These are great words that you write and I share the message as well! It's really hard to explain to most people how our flesh is only the vessel that traps our spirit, and the spirit (who we really are) is the essence of God. We are sinners because of the flesh/brain/mind. Take away the flesh and there we are, perfect. If God resides within the flesh then who are we?

Anonymous said...

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