Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Golden Rule

One of the most widely known sayings of our culture is the golden rule.
do unto others as you would have them do unto you. christ put this in spiritual terms, "love one another as you love yourself". indeed, we are to love ourselves, therefore we are not worthless sinners, but very loved and loving being...love is all there is, or as the Apostle Paul put it, "...and the greatest of these is love!" Let Love be your guiding light. Let it be your first thought before every action you perform. Let it be the last thought after every interaction you experience. Love the people. Love the World. Love the little inanimate objects
that make your life full and complete. Every experience around is brought to you to make your life full and complete. So love the process of life happening.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Miracles are not beyond our expectations...

We feel limited by even the very thoughts of receiving miracles, let alone actually performing them. Part of the reason is because we have always been told that it takes extreme conditioning of the mind, prefect obedience, and great faith to merely achieve even one of the smallest of these unexplainable feats. Well, I have some rather fascinating news: we do it everyday when we breathe. This problem with excepting miracles is, on the other hand, mostly due to the the ideas that were instilled into our minds that we were born imperfect. From the moment most of us were born, we were told that we were bad, or born in sin, or need to 'learn' to be good. This standard has form our lives into lives of inadequacy. This is not who we are! This is not who we are suppose to be right now! We are all born as perfect beings innocent of the worlds standards. We have to learn evil. It is something that is taught to us, and to our children. We are raised in the ideals that we need forgiveness just for 'being'. Where is the logic, or the holiness, in that? How are we ever supposed to achieve Christ-likeness if we are constantly told to consistently doubt ourselves?

So then, how are we to achieve 'miracles'? The answer is thus: 'miracles' do not exist, only the end result by which these 'miracles' are achieved. Nothing is 'miraculous' because everything is perfect. We do not need to bring ourselves to this 'miraculous' plain. We need to lower the worlds standards for these 'miracles' by realizing that we are not below this 'miraculous' plain, or the 'miracles' we try to achieve. They are not above our standards. We all hold the power to do anything! We have either just forgotten or simply choose not to believe that we that we hold this power in us. These achievement(miracles) are on every 'sinner' level. Even the most imperfect person can perform the Greatest achievement by believing in who they are, not what they can do. We are God! Believe it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Power of Words

Words are small utterances about how a person feels about a situation. Words do not express true feelings. A feeling can only be felt to know its true emotion. Feelings are not well described by words. So much is left out. Don't fret about the narrow description of words. Love is underneath it all. Love is the root of all feelings. feelings of fear are not real. They are an illusionary feeling. So the only feelings that are real are based in Love.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Trees Of Knowlegde

Since the beginning of our world, man has physically survived on one truth: needs. We need things to survive, and the things that supply our needs also need us. We as a whole cannot survive if we deny a part ourselves. Men cannot survive without women, and women cannot survive without men. We need each other for the continual existence of our species. In the same way, we need trees so we can survive, and trees need us so they can. In this circle we live and survive as a whole. Mankind is unable to exist without the oxygen that trees exhale. Trees would, in the same way, whither and die if it weren't for the carbon monoxide that we exhale. Everything on this planet survives as a whole. A union of existence. Nothing survives or exists outside of this union. Nothing is individually stable. We all give the breath of life. Mankind, animals, and plants alike. We are a collective living, breathing, growing, organism called earth. If we cut off our oxygen, where would that leave us? If all the plants withered, where would that leave the animals?

Monday, March 17, 2008

The road to peace and happiness is paved within the moment.

"There is no place but here, there is no time but now." One of the greatest quotes, and also holds the answer to peace. Every worry, fear, anger, and pretty much every negative thought you think you have is either miles behind you or miles ahead of you. Peace, love, and joy are built into the here and now. even the rememberance of love and peace is overanalyzed and nowhere to be compared with the love you are currently feeling. When you focus on the past moments of joy, love, and peace, you are covering up the love, peace, and joy that is in this moment. The moment of now. The perfect moment. There truly are no ordinary moments. You have to sometimes just open your eyes and see the perfection in the moment. for every moment was chosen, and every moment is perfect, because nothing perfect exist outside of God! Life itself is perfect. Life itself is God. The illusion of imperfection is the moment that dwells on the moments outside of itself. The perfection of a moment is the moment that dwells within itself. So, which do you, choose? The past, the future, or now?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Before the Alpha and beyond the Omega...

There is a statement that reaches from the alpha to the omega, before and after, here and now...WE ARE ONE. There is no seperation between us. There is no seperation between the people we are and the universe around us. We meld into one cosmic plane and thinks with one cosmic thought. The only dividation of ourselves is our experiences. I am one experience as a writer, and you are another experience as a reader. My mind is another experience as a thinker, and my body is another experience as a do-er. Which do you define yourself as? Where would you stand in all this magnifent being? or think of it this way, are you the mind of God, the hand of God, the heart of God, the compassion of god, the love of God, or do you see yourself as a seperation from God? or from the universe?

incidentally, the word universe holds the key to this thought. Uni-Verse...one song. we are one song, one dance, one motion, one sound.

There is a place we are all going, and there is a heaven we are all searching for , there is anything we desire to choose. Follow your heart until you start to wonder where you came from and where you are going.