Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Path Between Love and Fear

How far do we go to the left or to the right on the banks of this river we call life? How far do we take our experience into the fields of love or fear? Sometimes, I feel like I could walk into a crowd and start proclaiming truths that would cause some people to love me and some people to hate me. But, at those times, it does not bother me, because I know the appreciation of the people that love me and hear my word proceeds the latter. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like I could go into a field, drink blood, howl at the moon, and embrace barbaric passions of the flesh. If life is anything we choose, and any experience we will, then what keeps us from the extremes? Is it fear? If it is, is fear, then, a form of love for ourselves and for others? Well, then whats the difference between fear and love? I wave to the left, and I wave to the right, but I just can't help but stay on the water.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Peace, Love, and Unity

Peace, love, and unity are all tranquil words. Even the sound of these qords ease the soul when said out loud, and bring the body into a state of comfort. I first noticed this last night, when I opened my chakras for the first time. After I was finished, my feet were heavy and my head was light. Immediately these three word appeard in my third eye. I saimply asked myself why I was thinking these words, and immediately, I knew. We all desire peace, in one form or another. We all have love to give, in one form or another, and we are all united as one. When we desire peace, we also desire inner peace. When we share love, we are also loving ourselves. These circles show that we are inified in the cosmic reality of the unseen. You cannot see peace, you cannot see love; you only see the effects of these, but you know they exist. In the same way, you can feel when someone is close to you just like you know that your hand is near your head without seeing it. This connection is the unity we share. Peace and Love help it to grow stronger!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Healing the World with a Moment of Peace

I read in a Deepak Chopra book about healing the body and mind with internal attention. So I thought I would try this. Before I continue; last night, in an enlightened state I spoke with the spirit or soul that used to know itself as my grandfather. I asked him some deep questions about enlightenment. I recieved the answers to the following questions: How do I see? Answer: You go within. Question: How do I go within? Answer: You open yourself. Question: how do I do that? Answer: you free yourself. Question: how? Answer: by healing yourself. Question: (by this time I already knew the answer) how? Answer: You already know that. So I continued my state of being and started from seeing my self from the outside of everything. I worked my way back to myself through the door I never saw there before. Once I came back to myself, I could hear the water running in the shower again. Then I went in reverse order back through that door and into the outside of everything, and saw that I was all of what I was seeing. I opened my eyes. Amazing, I thought! there was a smile on my face.
Then this morning, I decided to heal myslef. I closed my eyes and focused on all the pain I was feeling until it became an image. each pain was represented by a golden ball. All the balls came together and formed one ball. That ball shaped itself into a woman, which I decided to show compassion and love for. In this way, I was loving my pain. but more, I was loving myself. Then, I saw a door. as I went toward the door, it opened. I looked through for a moment and was then enveloped by the darkness of space. I could see earth, and the sphere of earth became a woman which I decided to caress, love, and show compassion for. But she told me She would forgive my cruelty if I started truly loving her. I told her I was sorry. She told me to prove it, be loving, be kind, be compassionate. Love the world. I fell back through the door and opened my eyes. I was thoughtless. The only feeling I was feeling at the moment was a caring feeling. So, as this pertains to your article, we do hold within our thoughts the ability to change the world. By caring for her, loving her, and showing compassion for her, as well as passion.

Is There only One Way to God?

After you watch this video, I would like you to think about one thing. Christ said he was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Although he said this, he did not say that he was the ONLY way, truth, and life.

Also, in addition to the last woman's comment about the gospel being "...preached in the four corners of the earth...", what about the people who die before that time, and still don't get to hear the gospel of Jesus? Hmmm? Do they just automatically go to hell. Could this not be considered 'judging someone to damnation'? I thought Christ preached against that.

Okay, the serious side to all of this, Christ lived two-thousand years ago. I believe it could be argued that the absolute validity of the gospels could be in question. King James I ruled from 1566 to 1625. Almost fifteen-hundred years after the actual events, did a published record of the gospels become available to the general public. Why so secretive? And the King James Bible is the Bible that many Christians hold as the 'True, Untouched' word of God. even if the gospels had been written 40 or 50 years ago, paper ro scrolls, would not last fourteen-hundred years.

My point is, are the teachings of Christ mentioned in the bible the true teachings of Christ. Or did the scribes of this story change it to suit the fear driven religions we have today. Even Buddha's teachings are extremely similar in idea to Jesus Christs. I suggest reading Deepak Chopra's Book 'Buddha', and also his book called 'The Third Jesus, The Christ We Cannot Ignore'.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My wife brought to my attention the arrogant sound of my ideas being expressed as eternal truths. So I will say to this: Everything changes, nothing remains the same. Every idea grows, there are a million different points of view to look at a million different ideas. The reason I present things on this blog as truth is because this is what I truthfully believe, but the only universal truth is that there is no universal truth. It's all a matter of point of view. The main projection here is that I am trying to open the mind to question your concepts as you believe them and offer a different point of view. This being said, I will still present my ideas as truth, because I would be lying to myself to say that I do mot believe them at this present moment. I am always up for discussion and disagreement as well as additions to these and new enlightenments.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


There is one truth that serves all other, We are not this body. What are we then? We are everything that is, and everything that is not. By this, I mean that we are all one. As one being, everything in the uni-verse, we are everything that we physically see, and everything that we don't see, or, the space between everything we physically see. Some people call the space between 'air'. I call it 'God, who has not yet been made manifest'. I also call the space between 'Our Soul'. interesting enough, our OS, or Operating System. Like the Windows Operating System, the space between is the platform that everything is displayed upon. We are this space, and we are just opening up new windows everyday, every minute, and every second. Sometimes, our platform is so full of windows, that windows are all we see. This is when we only notice the things around us.
We never stop to look at 'air'. Try to. Right now, try to look at the space between. Some people will say that it is impossible, and some people will notice that, when trying to, it takes them inside their own body's. You stop looking outward, and start looking inward. That is because your mind is a window into the soul. The Astonishing thing is, that the window is closed, and is reflecting the image of the space between upon it. When you are looking at the space between, you start following the image of it, along its path, back into yourself. We are a reflection of God. Our physical being may merely be a wonderful reflection of God, but nevertheless, we are God, in Spirit, or In soul.
After listening to the conversations with god book, deepak chopra, and myself within, I came to this understanding. The worlds existence can be explained a million and one ways, but always comes down to being just one thing. One word, one explosion, one molecule, one thought. In this way, creation and evolution are one in the same. They both boil down to one beginning. Like I've told so many people in the past, "Even if evolution were real, Where do you think that one molecule came from, hmmm?"
So some people ask me, "If we are everything, what about all the bad stuff that happens? I'm not bad."
Firstly, good and bad are just labels given to something that you have an idea about. These ideas are based on your own beliefs, your parents, your teachers, your preachers, and society. So therefore there really is no good and bad, there is only your judgments about a thing or experience.
Secondly, "if there is no good and bad, how come I don't feel like I'm bad? I don't choose the bad things that are happening." One way to explain this is by saying that you cannot experience good without knowing the bad. The story of Buddha puts it perfectly. He was sitting and meditating when heard an instrument being played, but it was out of tune. Buddha heard someone say, "If you tune the instrument it will sound beautiful, but if you tune it to tight, the strings will snap, and you will not be able to play any tune." upon hearing this, Buddha became enlightened. This story did not make sense to me for a few days. I sat and thought about it often and It's meaning finally reached me. The instrument is like life. The string is the good and bad of life. If you're too tight or too loose about good or bad, then you will not be able to play music at all. I know a lot of people who are too tight about their religious views of life. Those people are unhappy because they are constantly warding off the bad things in life. But because they are too tight, the things they hold as bad to rigidly judged. Like dancing, Kissing, and Sex.
Adversely, The people who are too loose in life cannot be happy because they feel like everything they do is being judged by people who are being good. Therefore, life cannot be to loose or too tight. The best way to tune your instrument is to not have judgements one way or another. Only do things according to what serves your best purpose at the moment. When you stop having judgments about things, you are able to enjoy the "good" and the "bad" of it all.
This lead me to another thought which made me laugh out loud! The people who are too tight or think themselves holy and above all evil will think that I am evil, and the people who are too loose and live without thought, but just live to the extent of their fleshly desires, and not the souls, will think I am being too holy, and therefore judging of everything they do. I couldn't help but feel like Jesus Christ and Buddha, so I burst with laughter.


It has been eight months since my last post. Since that time, and up until a month ago, I thought I was done teaching. But, just like our wonderful world in the space of the universe, I too have become a circular, rotating, and changing being. Around seven months ago, I gave up trying to reach enlightenment. I started just enjoying the things around me. I didn't think about God that much. And enlightenment seemed like a fleeting thing of the past. I just lived. And in a way, Life lived me also. At the beginning of December, something happened that changed my life again. I person I had previously talked to about simple things, like happiness and living in the moment, had come to me six months later and started asking me about God. Though I never gave up my ideals about God that are stated in the previous posts here, I quoted from my memory the things I remembered of God. I told him about the book, Conversations with god by Neale Donald Walsch, and I said I had lent my copy to someone some months back and would try to get it for him, so he could read it. I got him the book, and no more than an hour later, someone else was asking to read the book as well, someone I had never mentioned it to. She had started reading part of one of the volumes with her mother. Interesting , I thought, God seems to be stirring around me. Little did I know, that he was sending me a hurricane. I got the audio book for the man, and Lent the woman the book, who is still reading it. up until Christmas, the man had read the book he had purchased for himself, and had listened to the audio book several times. He was astonished at what he had found there. He had so many questions for me, and still does, and I was made a teacher once more. right before Christmas, I got pink eye from my two year old, and was nearly blind. On Christmas morning, my eyes were swelled shut, I missed both my little girls Christmas. But I did receive an Mp3 player, and put the audio book on there. I did nothing but listened to it, that was all I could do. that, and for some astonishing reason, was able to chop wood to heat our home. I guess I don't need eyes for everything. I had pink eye severely until the day after my vacation from work had ended. I had a lot of trouble seeing for almost a month. So I kept listening. Tears poured out of my swollen eyes as I started remembering the things I had learned before, and many new things that moved in me. I learned about Buddha and Christ, and have since reworked my way back to God. My path is clearer, My purpose is clearer, My love is stronger, and I am moving toward the light faster than I ever did eight months ago. I Find myself laughing and appreciating all the things in life, the worldly, as well as the spiritual. I have found meaning, and have stopped aimlessly searching and trying to explain God. The break I took eight months ago led me to a well deserved rest, and an astonishing understanding of why I took that rest.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Golden Rule

One of the most widely known sayings of our culture is the golden rule.
do unto others as you would have them do unto you. christ put this in spiritual terms, "love one another as you love yourself". indeed, we are to love ourselves, therefore we are not worthless sinners, but very loved and loving is all there is, or as the Apostle Paul put it, "...and the greatest of these is love!" Let Love be your guiding light. Let it be your first thought before every action you perform. Let it be the last thought after every interaction you experience. Love the people. Love the World. Love the little inanimate objects
that make your life full and complete. Every experience around is brought to you to make your life full and complete. So love the process of life happening.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Miracles are not beyond our expectations...

We feel limited by even the very thoughts of receiving miracles, let alone actually performing them. Part of the reason is because we have always been told that it takes extreme conditioning of the mind, prefect obedience, and great faith to merely achieve even one of the smallest of these unexplainable feats. Well, I have some rather fascinating news: we do it everyday when we breathe. This problem with excepting miracles is, on the other hand, mostly due to the the ideas that were instilled into our minds that we were born imperfect. From the moment most of us were born, we were told that we were bad, or born in sin, or need to 'learn' to be good. This standard has form our lives into lives of inadequacy. This is not who we are! This is not who we are suppose to be right now! We are all born as perfect beings innocent of the worlds standards. We have to learn evil. It is something that is taught to us, and to our children. We are raised in the ideals that we need forgiveness just for 'being'. Where is the logic, or the holiness, in that? How are we ever supposed to achieve Christ-likeness if we are constantly told to consistently doubt ourselves?

So then, how are we to achieve 'miracles'? The answer is thus: 'miracles' do not exist, only the end result by which these 'miracles' are achieved. Nothing is 'miraculous' because everything is perfect. We do not need to bring ourselves to this 'miraculous' plain. We need to lower the worlds standards for these 'miracles' by realizing that we are not below this 'miraculous' plain, or the 'miracles' we try to achieve. They are not above our standards. We all hold the power to do anything! We have either just forgotten or simply choose not to believe that we that we hold this power in us. These achievement(miracles) are on every 'sinner' level. Even the most imperfect person can perform the Greatest achievement by believing in who they are, not what they can do. We are God! Believe it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Power of Words

Words are small utterances about how a person feels about a situation. Words do not express true feelings. A feeling can only be felt to know its true emotion. Feelings are not well described by words. So much is left out. Don't fret about the narrow description of words. Love is underneath it all. Love is the root of all feelings. feelings of fear are not real. They are an illusionary feeling. So the only feelings that are real are based in Love.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Trees Of Knowlegde

Since the beginning of our world, man has physically survived on one truth: needs. We need things to survive, and the things that supply our needs also need us. We as a whole cannot survive if we deny a part ourselves. Men cannot survive without women, and women cannot survive without men. We need each other for the continual existence of our species. In the same way, we need trees so we can survive, and trees need us so they can. In this circle we live and survive as a whole. Mankind is unable to exist without the oxygen that trees exhale. Trees would, in the same way, whither and die if it weren't for the carbon monoxide that we exhale. Everything on this planet survives as a whole. A union of existence. Nothing survives or exists outside of this union. Nothing is individually stable. We all give the breath of life. Mankind, animals, and plants alike. We are a collective living, breathing, growing, organism called earth. If we cut off our oxygen, where would that leave us? If all the plants withered, where would that leave the animals?

Monday, March 17, 2008

The road to peace and happiness is paved within the moment.

"There is no place but here, there is no time but now." One of the greatest quotes, and also holds the answer to peace. Every worry, fear, anger, and pretty much every negative thought you think you have is either miles behind you or miles ahead of you. Peace, love, and joy are built into the here and now. even the rememberance of love and peace is overanalyzed and nowhere to be compared with the love you are currently feeling. When you focus on the past moments of joy, love, and peace, you are covering up the love, peace, and joy that is in this moment. The moment of now. The perfect moment. There truly are no ordinary moments. You have to sometimes just open your eyes and see the perfection in the moment. for every moment was chosen, and every moment is perfect, because nothing perfect exist outside of God! Life itself is perfect. Life itself is God. The illusion of imperfection is the moment that dwells on the moments outside of itself. The perfection of a moment is the moment that dwells within itself. So, which do you, choose? The past, the future, or now?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Before the Alpha and beyond the Omega...

There is a statement that reaches from the alpha to the omega, before and after, here and now...WE ARE ONE. There is no seperation between us. There is no seperation between the people we are and the universe around us. We meld into one cosmic plane and thinks with one cosmic thought. The only dividation of ourselves is our experiences. I am one experience as a writer, and you are another experience as a reader. My mind is another experience as a thinker, and my body is another experience as a do-er. Which do you define yourself as? Where would you stand in all this magnifent being? or think of it this way, are you the mind of God, the hand of God, the heart of God, the compassion of god, the love of God, or do you see yourself as a seperation from God? or from the universe?

incidentally, the word universe holds the key to this thought. song. we are one song, one dance, one motion, one sound.

There is a place we are all going, and there is a heaven we are all searching for , there is anything we desire to choose. Follow your heart until you start to wonder where you came from and where you are going.