Sunday, March 16, 2008

Before the Alpha and beyond the Omega...

There is a statement that reaches from the alpha to the omega, before and after, here and now...WE ARE ONE. There is no seperation between us. There is no seperation between the people we are and the universe around us. We meld into one cosmic plane and thinks with one cosmic thought. The only dividation of ourselves is our experiences. I am one experience as a writer, and you are another experience as a reader. My mind is another experience as a thinker, and my body is another experience as a do-er. Which do you define yourself as? Where would you stand in all this magnifent being? or think of it this way, are you the mind of God, the hand of God, the heart of God, the compassion of god, the love of God, or do you see yourself as a seperation from God? or from the universe?

incidentally, the word universe holds the key to this thought. song. we are one song, one dance, one motion, one sound.

There is a place we are all going, and there is a heaven we are all searching for , there is anything we desire to choose. Follow your heart until you start to wonder where you came from and where you are going.

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