Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Trees Of Knowlegde

Since the beginning of our world, man has physically survived on one truth: needs. We need things to survive, and the things that supply our needs also need us. We as a whole cannot survive if we deny a part ourselves. Men cannot survive without women, and women cannot survive without men. We need each other for the continual existence of our species. In the same way, we need trees so we can survive, and trees need us so they can. In this circle we live and survive as a whole. Mankind is unable to exist without the oxygen that trees exhale. Trees would, in the same way, whither and die if it weren't for the carbon monoxide that we exhale. Everything on this planet survives as a whole. A union of existence. Nothing survives or exists outside of this union. Nothing is individually stable. We all give the breath of life. Mankind, animals, and plants alike. We are a collective living, breathing, growing, organism called earth. If we cut off our oxygen, where would that leave us? If all the plants withered, where would that leave the animals?

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Anonymous said...

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