Saturday, January 24, 2009

Healing the World with a Moment of Peace

I read in a Deepak Chopra book about healing the body and mind with internal attention. So I thought I would try this. Before I continue; last night, in an enlightened state I spoke with the spirit or soul that used to know itself as my grandfather. I asked him some deep questions about enlightenment. I recieved the answers to the following questions: How do I see? Answer: You go within. Question: How do I go within? Answer: You open yourself. Question: how do I do that? Answer: you free yourself. Question: how? Answer: by healing yourself. Question: (by this time I already knew the answer) how? Answer: You already know that. So I continued my state of being and started from seeing my self from the outside of everything. I worked my way back to myself through the door I never saw there before. Once I came back to myself, I could hear the water running in the shower again. Then I went in reverse order back through that door and into the outside of everything, and saw that I was all of what I was seeing. I opened my eyes. Amazing, I thought! there was a smile on my face.
Then this morning, I decided to heal myslef. I closed my eyes and focused on all the pain I was feeling until it became an image. each pain was represented by a golden ball. All the balls came together and formed one ball. That ball shaped itself into a woman, which I decided to show compassion and love for. In this way, I was loving my pain. but more, I was loving myself. Then, I saw a door. as I went toward the door, it opened. I looked through for a moment and was then enveloped by the darkness of space. I could see earth, and the sphere of earth became a woman which I decided to caress, love, and show compassion for. But she told me She would forgive my cruelty if I started truly loving her. I told her I was sorry. She told me to prove it, be loving, be kind, be compassionate. Love the world. I fell back through the door and opened my eyes. I was thoughtless. The only feeling I was feeling at the moment was a caring feeling. So, as this pertains to your article, we do hold within our thoughts the ability to change the world. By caring for her, loving her, and showing compassion for her, as well as passion.


Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

Sorry about the deleted post. Sometimes my spelling gets out of hand and I'm forced to delete what I've written.

I read this and got goose bumps. It was a variation of an exercise that I do, but I should do it all the time. I allow myself to feel and see my pain and it becomes something outside of myself. I then embrace it. And instead of it being something too difficult to confront, as it had been, it's now easier to accept. Pain and suffering diminishes where love steps in. Wonderful post, Tait

Tait said...

Thank you so much! I'm delighted to hear that I could enhance your moment! Nice to hear that I'm not the only one around besides deepak chopra that believes in physical healing through transendental meditation. Quite refreshing. I live in the deep south around the bible belt of the US, and there aren't but a few people around here I know that are openly spiritual to such ideas. Thank's again for your comment, and I suppose it's time for me to write another post, thank you again for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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