Thursday, January 22, 2009


There is one truth that serves all other, We are not this body. What are we then? We are everything that is, and everything that is not. By this, I mean that we are all one. As one being, everything in the uni-verse, we are everything that we physically see, and everything that we don't see, or, the space between everything we physically see. Some people call the space between 'air'. I call it 'God, who has not yet been made manifest'. I also call the space between 'Our Soul'. interesting enough, our OS, or Operating System. Like the Windows Operating System, the space between is the platform that everything is displayed upon. We are this space, and we are just opening up new windows everyday, every minute, and every second. Sometimes, our platform is so full of windows, that windows are all we see. This is when we only notice the things around us.
We never stop to look at 'air'. Try to. Right now, try to look at the space between. Some people will say that it is impossible, and some people will notice that, when trying to, it takes them inside their own body's. You stop looking outward, and start looking inward. That is because your mind is a window into the soul. The Astonishing thing is, that the window is closed, and is reflecting the image of the space between upon it. When you are looking at the space between, you start following the image of it, along its path, back into yourself. We are a reflection of God. Our physical being may merely be a wonderful reflection of God, but nevertheless, we are God, in Spirit, or In soul.
After listening to the conversations with god book, deepak chopra, and myself within, I came to this understanding. The worlds existence can be explained a million and one ways, but always comes down to being just one thing. One word, one explosion, one molecule, one thought. In this way, creation and evolution are one in the same. They both boil down to one beginning. Like I've told so many people in the past, "Even if evolution were real, Where do you think that one molecule came from, hmmm?"
So some people ask me, "If we are everything, what about all the bad stuff that happens? I'm not bad."
Firstly, good and bad are just labels given to something that you have an idea about. These ideas are based on your own beliefs, your parents, your teachers, your preachers, and society. So therefore there really is no good and bad, there is only your judgments about a thing or experience.
Secondly, "if there is no good and bad, how come I don't feel like I'm bad? I don't choose the bad things that are happening." One way to explain this is by saying that you cannot experience good without knowing the bad. The story of Buddha puts it perfectly. He was sitting and meditating when heard an instrument being played, but it was out of tune. Buddha heard someone say, "If you tune the instrument it will sound beautiful, but if you tune it to tight, the strings will snap, and you will not be able to play any tune." upon hearing this, Buddha became enlightened. This story did not make sense to me for a few days. I sat and thought about it often and It's meaning finally reached me. The instrument is like life. The string is the good and bad of life. If you're too tight or too loose about good or bad, then you will not be able to play music at all. I know a lot of people who are too tight about their religious views of life. Those people are unhappy because they are constantly warding off the bad things in life. But because they are too tight, the things they hold as bad to rigidly judged. Like dancing, Kissing, and Sex.
Adversely, The people who are too loose in life cannot be happy because they feel like everything they do is being judged by people who are being good. Therefore, life cannot be to loose or too tight. The best way to tune your instrument is to not have judgements one way or another. Only do things according to what serves your best purpose at the moment. When you stop having judgments about things, you are able to enjoy the "good" and the "bad" of it all.
This lead me to another thought which made me laugh out loud! The people who are too tight or think themselves holy and above all evil will think that I am evil, and the people who are too loose and live without thought, but just live to the extent of their fleshly desires, and not the souls, will think I am being too holy, and therefore judging of everything they do. I couldn't help but feel like Jesus Christ and Buddha, so I burst with laughter.

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