Thursday, January 22, 2009


It has been eight months since my last post. Since that time, and up until a month ago, I thought I was done teaching. But, just like our wonderful world in the space of the universe, I too have become a circular, rotating, and changing being. Around seven months ago, I gave up trying to reach enlightenment. I started just enjoying the things around me. I didn't think about God that much. And enlightenment seemed like a fleeting thing of the past. I just lived. And in a way, Life lived me also. At the beginning of December, something happened that changed my life again. I person I had previously talked to about simple things, like happiness and living in the moment, had come to me six months later and started asking me about God. Though I never gave up my ideals about God that are stated in the previous posts here, I quoted from my memory the things I remembered of God. I told him about the book, Conversations with god by Neale Donald Walsch, and I said I had lent my copy to someone some months back and would try to get it for him, so he could read it. I got him the book, and no more than an hour later, someone else was asking to read the book as well, someone I had never mentioned it to. She had started reading part of one of the volumes with her mother. Interesting , I thought, God seems to be stirring around me. Little did I know, that he was sending me a hurricane. I got the audio book for the man, and Lent the woman the book, who is still reading it. up until Christmas, the man had read the book he had purchased for himself, and had listened to the audio book several times. He was astonished at what he had found there. He had so many questions for me, and still does, and I was made a teacher once more. right before Christmas, I got pink eye from my two year old, and was nearly blind. On Christmas morning, my eyes were swelled shut, I missed both my little girls Christmas. But I did receive an Mp3 player, and put the audio book on there. I did nothing but listened to it, that was all I could do. that, and for some astonishing reason, was able to chop wood to heat our home. I guess I don't need eyes for everything. I had pink eye severely until the day after my vacation from work had ended. I had a lot of trouble seeing for almost a month. So I kept listening. Tears poured out of my swollen eyes as I started remembering the things I had learned before, and many new things that moved in me. I learned about Buddha and Christ, and have since reworked my way back to God. My path is clearer, My purpose is clearer, My love is stronger, and I am moving toward the light faster than I ever did eight months ago. I Find myself laughing and appreciating all the things in life, the worldly, as well as the spiritual. I have found meaning, and have stopped aimlessly searching and trying to explain God. The break I took eight months ago led me to a well deserved rest, and an astonishing understanding of why I took that rest.

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Anonymous said...

And that was just the begining for the man you was talking about here
because after Conversations with God he also experienced a New God, a higer self and living the wisdom of the ages it was like change your thoughts change your life or just like learn ways to transform your life.